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Vegan Edibles

Embark on a consciousness journey to well-being with our selection of Vegan Gummy Edibles at SA Botanicals.

Immerse yourself in the richness of flavors and harmonious escape of cannabis without compromise. Here is our selection of vetted vegan-friendly edibles. These gummies use Pectin to replace the gelatin-base of other edibles, offering you the ability to make the switch from animal-based products without worry.

Each gelatin-free gummy is a step towards a cruelty-free, sustainable lifestyle.

Crafted with a hard-and-fast commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free values, these exquisite treats cater to a diverse audience embracing veganism. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to go vegan: you don’t have to sacrifice your values to enjoy the pain-relieving, relaxing, and holistic effects of CBD, or the psychoactive, calming, and mood-lifting effects of THC.

Sourced from renowned and ethical producers such as Koi, Hometown Hero, and Green Roads; our selection of Vegan edibles is here to give you peace of mind when making your purchases. Whether you’re motivated by compassion, health, or environmental consciousness–
you’re in good hands with SA Botanicals.

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