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Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is CBD

Christmas is the time for giving, and one thing that will be on everyone’s wishlist this year is CBD products. This revolutionary CBD oil has been infused into a variety of products since the decriminalisation of Cannabis and offers the health benefits of the plant without the psychoactive effects. CBD oil has been studied for […]

Is CBD the Biggest Secret of Cannabis?

In recent years we have been increasingly exposed to the term “CBD” but it still seems to be in the dark. While the obvious effects of the THC we all know, the CBD seems to remain a mystery. Could CBD be the biggest secret of cannabis or cannabis oil? Where to start exploring? What studies […]

How CBD can help you with your anxiety

How CBD can help you with your anxiety It really doesn’t matter how you frame it – you could be running late for work, you could have just realized you forgot that important thing back on the desk at home or you could just be sitting around doing nothing: anxiety is a creeping, insidious disorder […]

CBD is one step from legal stamp approval in Texas

CBD and Hemp one step from the legal stamp of approval in Texas One more signature and industrial hemp and CBD production is completely legal in the Lone Star State. If you had told us twenty years ago that plants associated with marijuana would one day be legal in Texas, we probably would have laughed […]