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In recent years we have been increasingly exposed to the term “CBD” but it still seems to be in the dark. While the obvious effects of the THC we all know, the CBD seems to remain a mystery. Could CBD be the biggest secret of cannabis or cannabis oil? Where to start exploring? What studies have been done so far? What do we already know? What are the effects of the CBD we know today? And what diseases does he treat? In the next article you will say goodbye to all the questions, enjoy.

What Is CBD And What Are Its Effects?

CBD or in free translation – Cannabidiol (Cannabidiol) is the second major ingredient and one of the hundred active cannabinoids known today in the cannabis plant. Compared to its cannabinoid members, the CBD remains the biggest mystery of the cannabis world, however we now know that the CBD is sponsoring a significant portion of the medical benefits attributed to the cannabis plant and other cannabinoids. CBD has no psychoactive effect at all and is usually used as an antipsychotic agent to treat epilepsy patients and other uncontrolled seizures and spasms. In addition, cannabidiol is also attributed to anti-inflammatory properties that help suppress existing infections in the body and prevent future infections. All this leads us to the understanding that the presence of CBD in the cannabis plant is not meaningless and can be the answer to treating various diseases. So the question then is, what diseases does cannabidiol treat? All this in the next paragraph!


The Benefits of CBD Oil

One of the great secrets of the CBD is the ability to control the result according to various doses with which to achieve the exact purpose of use. The CBD was first discovered in the 1960s by Professor Raphael Meshulam and is seen as a source of hope for many patients. We now know that CBD has many benefits, it is used as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and analgesic and anti-nausea and vomiting agent and has a sweeping effect on the other cannabinoids found in cannabis. We believe that over time the “dark window” of the CBD will become illuminated, all we can now do is to discover for ourselves the rest of the benefits it holds within it.

CBD treats depression and anxiety –

Research shows that CBD reduces the limb-gaining system activity in people with depression and anxiety. The limbic system actually affects the formation of new memories, the connections between different pieces of memory in the brain are made between the combination of emotional states that accompany feelings and physical actions. Most of the external stimuli that patients with depression and anxiety automatically associate with a particular emotion, and thus the feelings of sadness and fear are fed. When this system becomes “silent” or in the “stay” state by CBD it allows the patient to get mental rest and opens a conscious skylight to heal and treat anxiety.

CBS Treating Schizophrenia –

According to Professor Raphael Meshulam’s daily intake of a large amount of about 800 mg of CBD has been found to be equivalent to its routine medication for the treatment of schizophrenia, Cannabis as opposed to these drugs does not cause many adverse effects associated with the same drugs.When conducting “blind research” in 42 acute paranoid schizophrenia effects of cannabis and antipsychotic antisolprid drug, the results showed that both drugs cause the drug to decrease, but It has been found that CBD treatment eliminates side effects The CBD is an appetite suppressant, regulates the normal activity of the cortico-spinal pathway responsible for the motor system and also raises blood prolactin and estrogen levels, which are directly linked to balanced levels of sexual hormones and psychotic symptoms.

CBD Treating Post-Traumatic-

Post-Traumatic or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder As most of us know it is a psychiatric disorder that develops due to a very severe traumatic event, the event can affect the physical as well as the plane The psychic. Post-traumatic patients experience deep mental anxiety accompanied by recurring memories of the traumatic event, the distress often arising from existing environmental stimuli and difficult dreams. In recent years, the question arises, “How can CBD be effective in treating these patients?” The answer is to the effect that CBD exerts on the limbic system in the human body, which is also responsible for the ability to regulate emotions. When consuming CBD you can see a significant reduction in this system activity, which may cause relief from the post-traumatic effects.

CBD Treats Cancer – 

Studies have shown that CBD restores the immune system and kills cancer cells, CBD clings to cancer cell receptors and causes them to completely destroy them. CBD has the ability to differentiate between the cancerous cells and the healthy cells, thereby keeping the healthy cells alive and intact. A study done at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco revealed that the CBD has a natural ability to stop the spread of metastases of various cancers and their sons are also the most aggressive. The study found that CBD has the ability to turn off the gene activity responsible for cancer cell duplication and thus stop the cancer from spreading in the body.

CBD Healing Fractures and Bone Strengths –

Based on a study by Tel Aviv University, CBD significantly improves and accelerates bone marrow fusion, animal research has shown that regular consumption of CBD strengthens bones to make them More difficult to break.

CBD handles epilepsy –

CBD is known to have anti-convulsive properties by being antipsychotic, helping to suppress seizures and convulsions in epilepsy patients and even reduce the frequency of recurrences.

CBD treats Darvah Syndrome –

Darvah Syndrome is a more severe form of epilepsy characterized by seizures involving invisible seizures and accompanied by a significant increase in body heat. This syndrome is also called “general epilepsy” and it develops in infancy and may worsen with age. These seizures, unlike other seizures, are seizures that disrupt recognition and interfere with normal electrical activity of the brain. Existing evidence and findings indicate positive effects in treating the disease by consuming high-dose CBD.

CBD treats Crohn’s and colitis –

From a study by Meir Medical Center in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, impressive results can be gleaned from the positive treatment of various intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s and colitis. From a study that examined 30 people with the disease, it was found that there was a significant improvement in 21 of the patients after regular CBD treatment. The need for regular taking of other periods has decreased considerably and cannabis does indeed appear to have a beneficial effect on patients. It turned out that in the period without the use of cannabis a greater number of patients underwent surgery compared to the period when they consumed medical cannabis on a regular basis. More precisely, 15 patients underwent 19 surgeries in an average period of 9 years before consuming cannabis regularly, while in an average 3-year period in which regular cannabis consumption was made, only two patients out of all 15 patients tested again needed surgery.

CBD manic depression –

THC has important weight in treating diseases like manic depression, it may bring tremendous improvement in patients’ mood, but it cannot do its job without CBD support. CBD plays a very important role in the treatment of manic depression and is known to have an antipsychotic effect which is necessary to balance the psychoactive effect of THC obtained when consuming high doses. Together they induce good mood and reduce phenomena like hallucinations, annoying thoughts and slow down the pace of change between different moods.

CBD treats MS symptoms –

CBD relieves the various symptoms of the disease, though it does not come as a substitute for drugs like steroids. Regular use of CBD causes muscle relaxation and relieves the spasms that patients experience. This is actually a very significant relief that allows patients to return to their homes