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What is Delta 10?

Delta 10 is the younger brother of Delta 8 (read more about what is delta 8?)

In short it Delta 10 and Delta 9 refers to a CBD products that brings a closer experience to Delta 9 –THC.
Users report a Sativa-like uplifting and energetic vibes from Delta 10 products while Delta 8 is more known for more Indica-like properties.

“Delta 10 as well as Delta 8 products are CBD products”

Does Delta 10 THC made from CBD?

Originally delta 10 can be found naturally as one of the cannabinoids of the Hemp plant.

Yet it is found in very small concentrations, and extracting natural Delta 10 is a complex and expensive process and close to impossible
therefore most manufacturers converting CBD to Delta 10 through a complex chemical proses.


Can you get high with Delta 10?

Delta 10 is the new CBD product that is also will get you high closer to Delta 9 with energetic head high similar to strains when
Delta 8 has a calming effect , more like the Indica strains

And in short – yes – you could get high from Delta 10 THC.

Does Delta 10 have the same medical properties of THC or CBD?

Delta 10 at its form is rather new and more medical research is needed to come to the conclusion that Delta 10 holds the same medical properties of THC or CBD
yet because it is using the same receptors (B1) and have close chemical structure to
Delta 9 THC it may likely to be found to be holding at least some or close medical properties to THC.