Hidden Hills – 3g Live Sugar Disposables – The Rizz Mix


The latest creation from Hidden Hills Club: The Rizz Mix 3g

Why you’ll love it:

  • New THREE gram Disposable
  • Single Button Operation
  • High Terpene Extraction (HTE)
  • Delta-9, and THC-P coming together in harmony to yield a Highly Potent Formula
  • New and IMPROVED Ceramic Coil to prevent clogging
  • New Dual Air Chambers


Forsaken Fuji | Sativa

A tantalizing fusion of exotic fruits, perfectly balanced for a harmonious vape. Experience the forbidden allure of succulent flavors in every inhale.

Flavors: Sweet Cherry, tropical


Thunder Milk | Indica

A creamy and nurturing blend that captures the essence of sweet, warm vanilla and hints of berry sweetness. Savor the comforting embrace of this cannabis vape.

Flavor: Sweet, earthy


Banangie | Sativa

A delightful combination of ripe bananas and zesty tangerines, delivering a tropical twist with a touch of citrus. Enjoy the uplifting and fruity essence of each hit.

Flavors: Citrus, banana


Pink Truffle Sundae | Indica

A rich and indulgent fusion of earthy truffle notes, offering a sophisticated and aromatic cannabis experience. Elevate your senses with the deep, savory flavor of truffles in every inhale.

Flavors: Tangy, sugary


Frosted Badder | Hybrid

A blissful blend of sweet vanilla frosting and hints of almond, delivering the delightful taste of a classic wedding cake in every puff. Celebrate love with this delicious vape experience.

Flavors: Sweet, earthy


Miami Rose | Sativa

A delicate and floral delight, combining the gentle essence of fresh roses with the soothing qualities of cannabis. Experience a harmonious balance of nature’s beauty and relaxation with each inhale.

Flavors: Floral, citrus

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