Hometown Hero CBD Strawberry Crumble 1 gram | 99.9% CBD


  • 3rd party lab-tested to contain 99.9% CBD by weight (that’s a lot of CBD!)
  • 1 gram CBD Crumble concentrate per jar for plenty of strawberry crumble for all your needs
  • Made with CBD Isolate so you don’t have to worry about getting any unwanted THC
  • High potency CBD delivery for maximum effect
  • Strawberry terpene infused for a great flavor and aroma


Hometown Hero’s CBD Strawberry Crumble is a CBD concentrate extracted from hemp plants and infused with additional strawberry-flavored terpenes for an amazing flavor and effect profile you’ll be sure to love.  The CBD Strawberry Crumble is made with CBD Isolate and has 0% THC in it. Our crumble is 3rd party lab-tested and verified to contain 99.9% CBD by weight.  This is not your average CBD concentrate!


For people interested in trying the crumble but don’t want to purchase additional supplies to use it, it can be added on top of or mixed in with your normal CBD flower for an additional “kick” to their usual consumption methods.

No matter how you decide to use Hometown Hero’s CBD Strawberry Crumble, you’re sure to find that this product makes a great addition to your current usage. Find out why Hometown Hero is in love with CBD Strawberry Crumble today!

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